[Last update: 6 June 2004]

Progressive Activist Resources for Austin, TX

  • Resources on the September 11 Terrorist Attacks, the US Response, and Related Background Materials
  • Resources about the War on Iraq

  • Confronting Empire by Arundhati Roy (28 January 2003)
  • Drug War, Plan Colombia, and US Air Base at Manta, Test the New Ecadorean President by Ron Smith

    India/Pakistan Resources

  • War Talk by Arundhati Roy (June 2002)
  • Nuclear Weapons and Media Fog by Norman Solomon (June 2002)
  • Israel/Palestine Resources

    The first two sites will be accessed through an anonymizer.
  • Electronic Intifada
  • Middle East Forum: a website for open, frank, but polite discussion about the Middle East

  • text of the Road Map
  • UN Resolutions Against Israel, 1955-1992
  • Corporate America and Israeli Occupation by Sam Bahour (May 23, 2002)
  • Why the U.S. Supports Israel by Stephen Zunes of Foreign Policy In Focus
  • MEDIA ADVISORY: What Happened in Jenin? -- Media analysis by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) (10 May 2002)
  • Dick Armey Calls for Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians (3 May 2002)
  • I Am Israel by Hashem Said (25 February 2002)
  • Amid the Ruins of Jenin, the Grisly Evidence of a War Crime by Phil Reeves The Independent (16 April 2002)
  • Were the Founding Fathers Wrong about Foreign Affairs? by Ron Paul, (R-TX) (15 April 2002)
  • Appeal for help from the Siege of Ramallah
  • Moral Duty, National Interest by Zbigniew Brzezinski (7 April 2002)
  • An Israeli View from Arafat's Compound by Neta Golan and Ian Urbina (6 April 2002)
  • Thinking Ahead: After Survival, What Happens? by Edward Said
  • TheBodies, the Chaos - and the Debris of War in a City under Siege by Suzanne Goldenberg in Ramallah (April 3, 2002) The Guardian
  • Rightist Ex-generals Propose Massive Invasion of Territories by Amos Harel, Ha'aretz Correspondent (31 January, 2002)
  • Israel's Especially Cruel Sanction by John K. Cooley
  • Nelson Mandela Memo on Palestine
  • Torturing Can't be Defended, Doesn't Even Work by Darius Rejali (16 April 2002)

    Martin Luther King Resources

  • On the Vietnam War April 4, 1967 -- very applicable to today.
  • Speech to Montgomery Improvement Association Mass Meeting December 1955
  • I Have a Dream August 1963
  • Letter From A Birmingham Jail 1963
  • Eulogy for the Young Victims of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church Bombing
  • Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech 1964
  • The Negro and the Constitution
  • The Purpose of Education
  • Where Do We Go From Here? August 1967
  • I've Been to the Mountaintop April 3, 1968
  • Antiwar Quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • The Martin Luther King You Don't See On TV by Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon
  • 2001 Media Follies: a Review of Press Obsessions and Omissions by Geov Parrish

    Military-Related resources

  • Resources relating to "War on Terrorism"

  • US Back in Nuclear Bomb-making Business (24 April 2003, Sidney Morning Herald -- Australia)

  • Physicist Blows Whistle on US Missile Defence by Roland Watson (3 January 2003)

  • Killing Our Own: Chronicling the Disaster of America's Experience with Atomic Radiation, 1945-1982 -- Book by Norman Solomon (1982)

  • Nuclear Weapons and Media Fog by Norman Solomon (June 2002)

  • Too Much is Never Enough: Bush's Military Spending Spree (pdf) by Michelle Ciarrocca ( May 10, 2002)

  • U.S. Germ Warfare Research Pushes Treaty Limits

  • Committee Opposed to Militarism & the Draft's anti-militarism website
  • Sign up to receive progessive updates from the national Green Party
  • Travis Green Party Newsletter (PDF format)

  • Supressed USAID funded Report on Salvadoran sweatshops.

    Iraqi Sanctions Graphics

  • Got milk? They don't (full page)
  • Just say no to drugs (vacinations, antibiotics, chemotherapy, ...) (full page)
  • Smart Bombs, Kid Tested (full page)
  • Sludge - A taste of the sanctions (full page) (Bottle label [PDF format])
  • Election Reform

  • The Wrong Way To Fix the Vote by Gregory Palast
  • ZPG's Citizen's Rights when Dealing with Police in Quebec. (PDF format)

    George W. Bush (George III)

  • Hell to Pay by William Pitt
  • Rejecting Treaties is a Bush Convention by Chrisopher Brauchli in the Boulder Daily Camera (10 August 2002)
  • The Contra Government by Bridget Gibson Online Journal contributing writer (6 May 2002) -- on putting those opposed to agencies in charge of those agencies
  • Mother Jones's Bush Files keeps up-to-date on what White House Resident Bush has been up to.
  • Bush's Racial Coup d'Etat and Intel Shutdown -- an interview with Greg Palast
  • Theft of the Presidency BBC-TV Newsnight, Thursday, February 15, 2001 Silence of the Lambs: The Failure of U.S. Journalism by Greg Palast
  • The ACLU's Clearinghouse on Government-Funded Religion: What You Should Know -- is a collection of actions you can take, information that you can read and links to other websites that will help you learn more about the dangers of government-funded religion. It also includes a special form where individuals can report violations of their civil liberties from existing government-funded programs.
  • Globalization Resources
  • Fact Sheet on General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) and electric utilities [PDF format]
  • Hazardous to Health: The World Bank and IMF in Africa by Ann-Louise Colgan, Research Associate, Africa Action (April 2002)
  • First-hand Account of Popular Uprising in Argentina
  • The Violence of Globalization by Vandana Shiva

  • After Genoa: Why We Need to Stay in the Streets by Starhawk
  • Who Owns the Movement? by Michael Albert
  • Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) internet resources
  • Something Did Start in Quebec City
  • Ottawa city resolution against the FTAA
  • From Global Exchange
  • Anti-Free Trade Association of the Americas organizing
  • Anti-FTAA Buttons which look like this

  • Resources for Leaders of the "FTAA for Beginners" Workshop (from United For a Fair Economy)
  • The 'Resist the FTAA' site
  • Infoshop's anti-FTAA pages
  • WTO Action's FTAA page
  • The FTAA's official website
  • The Organisation of American States
  • TradeWatch
  • The Direct Action Network
  • "The Free Trade Area of the Americas and the Threat to Social Programs, Environmental Sustainability
    and Social Justice in Canada and the Americas,"
    by Maude Barlow of The Council of Canadians
    (also in Español, Français, and Português)
  • "U.S. Trade Representative Sued for Hiding Documents From Public," EarthJustice Legal Defense Fund Press Release
  • Congressional letter demanding a release of the FTAA text
    (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 to view this page)
  • Play FTAA Jeopardy!
  • Canada has made their negotiating documents available to the public. Why won't the USTR?
    Join the campaign of inquiry!

  • Comments of Public Citizenon the Office of the United States Trade Representative's Request for Public Comment on the Committee of Government Representatives on the participation of civil society in connection with the Free Trade Area of the Americas negotiations (August 21, 1998)
  • Liberated NAFTA Expansion Restricted Negotiations Documents
    (posted July 28, 2000)
  • Article on the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)

  • WTO Resources

  • World Bank and International Monetary Fund Resources

  • Letter updating Pacifica situation

  • Campaign Finance Reform Resources

    Each of the following has a number of articles
  • From Public Citizen's Congres Watch
  • From Public Campaign
  • From Common Cause
  • Questions about the Austin Police Department's Crowd Management Team

  • On Environmental Issues

  • Greenpeace EarthDay Press ReleaseStatement on EarthDay Environmental Rally outside the White House by AFL-CIO president, John Sweeney
  • On Vieques

  • On Kosovo

  • On Iraq

  • Letter to Senator Gramm on Test Ban treaty

  • "Eyewitness Sudan" -- A video on the 1998 US bombing of Sudan. 28 minutes, People's Video Network, $20 individuals, $50 institutions. PVN, 39 W. 14 St., #206, N.Y., NY 10011. Add $4/tape S&H.

  • Genetically Modified Foods
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Mother Jones' Article
  • Bovine Growth Hormone
  • A list of antiwar organizations

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