[Last update: 13 September 2001]

Anarchist Statement Against ALL Forms Of Terrorism

The murder of thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of innocent civilians by hijacking four airplanes and destroying two world trade center towers is an atrocious act that cannot be defended.

Ostensibly, the targets - the world trade center and the pentagon - represent global capitalism, i.e., both global trade and the military power with which to enforce it.

However, the result of the attacks was not a weakening of global capitalism. The immediate results were:

1.) killing of thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of non combatant, mostly middle or lower class workers or management, as well as hundereds of courageous firefighters and emergency workers.

2.) Declaration of a security emergency by the united states, closing of borders, restriction of flights to only US military aircraft, declaration of martial law in New York and Washington D.C., with FULL PUBLIC SUPPORT. This was in fact a STRENGTHENING, not a weakening the power of the capitalist state.

If history is any indication, we can expect the following to happen soon:

1.) Massive bombing campaign against a "rougue state" that "harbors terrorists" resulting in massive civilian deaths.

2.) Suffocating restriction of US border travel.

3.) (additional) Institutionalized racist oppression against people of arab decent and other people of color, i.e., profiling of "arab looking" people in the manhunt for suspects.

4.) Non-Institutionalized racist oppression, such as attacks on arab americans.

5.) Massive restrictions on civil liberties, as suggested by certain statements by people in power. Massive strengthening of the Joint-Terrorism task force, greatly incresed phone tapping and internet surveillance, greatly increased repression of radical political activists.

Terrorism is the attack on a civilian population to induce fear and to force change in government policy. It is fundamentally distinguised from legitimate acts of violence by the fact that it harms those not knowingly involved in the conflict. It is an EXTREMELY authoritarian means of change, regardless of ends. Anarchists believe in resisting authoritarianism, and believe in the reconcilitation of ends with means. Anarchists should therefore reisist ALL FORMS OF TERRORISM as defined above.


However unjustified the now infamous acts were, it is clear from experience that the US will proceed in an equally unjustified fashon to "pursue justice".

Anarchists must continue to fight for a classless, stateless, and just society by resisting such unjust acts. We must avoid the descent into facsism that looks to be on the horizon!

Several things anarchists might consider are:

1.) Militant anti-racist/anti-facist resistance. We must act to resist the reactionary fascist tendancies which are bound to flourish in this environment.

2.) Organization to reist war and the resulting killing of countless civilians.

3.) Resistance to the destruction of our (still remaining) civil liberties.

However oppressive our society was before this action, it is nothing - NOTHING - compared to the fascism that may await us in the near future if we don't act decisively now.

For a classless, stateless society, for an end to ALL terrorism,

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