[Last update: 27 July 2002]

Iraq: Phase One Under Way

by John Ashtead

11:00 2002-07-24

Pravda.Ru sources in the Gulf have confirmed that the military build-up by the US Forces has begun, with "tent cities" being built in Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait, while in Washington military sources have confirmed that operations have started.

The new French Foreign Minister, Dominique Villepin, told French diplomats that she expected the military action from the USA against Iraq to come "soon" after a meeting with US National Security Advisor, Condoleeza Rice.

Military strategists in Washington have leaked to the press reports that the first strike would be with special forces, possibly Delta Force and CIA operationals, together with British SAS and SBS, setting up blockades along Iraq's road arteries, while aircraft carried out punitive missions and advanced bases were set up in Mosul, in the north and Basra in the south. This, according to Major Charles Heyman, spokesperson for Janešs Information Group, could take place "much sooner than expected", in August or September.

These bases would be used in a second phase next Spring with a large invading force of some 250,000 troops liaising with Kurdish and Shišite guerrillas.

A legitimate basis for such an attack has not yet been declared.

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