[Last update: 1 February 2003]

Boulder City Council
Resolution Against War in Iraq

[as submitted for approval -- actual measure passed might be different]

WHEREAS, the people of the United States have already suffered grievous loss of life and well being as a result of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, and we wish to reduce the likelihood of future attacks,

WHEREAS, a war with Iraq will jeopardize the lives of American soldiers and the lives of many innocent Iraqi civilians, who have already suffered enormously under Saddam Hussein's rule and United Nations sanctions, and

WHEREAS, a war with Iraq would threaten to further destabilize the Middle East, possibly leading to a wider regional war and increased support for Al Qaeda and other groups dedicated to terrorism, making the citizens of Boulder and the world less save, and

WHEREAS, past military conflict in the region resulted in widespread damage to the civilian infrastructure of Iraq and widespread suffering and death of Iraqi civilians, and

WHEREAS, severe budget cuts to the public infrastructure within the City of Boulder, and Boulder County, and the State of Colorado threaten working people, the poor, employees in the areas of health, education, and welfare. It has been estimated that a war in Iraq would likely cost the U.S. government over 100 billion dollars -- and cost Colorado $1.3 billion -- an amount that could go a long way to meeting health, education, and other needs,

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the City Council of the City of Boulder, Colorado:

HEREBY, opposes a U.S. invasion of Iraq, but supports instead a genuinely multilateral diplomatic approach to the Iraqi situation, sanctioned and directed by the United Nations, and be it

RESOLVED, that the Boulder City Clerk shall forward copies of this resolution to Governor Bill Owens, President Bush, Senators Wayne Allard and Ben Nighthorse Campbell, and to all members of the Colorado U.S. Congressional Delegation.

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