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Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Slavador, (CISPES) --Austin, TX, Chapter

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  • Birth of Austin Cispes
  • "Upcoming Events
  • July 2001 Delegation to El Salvador
  • Wall Murals from the University of El Salvador
  • Info on Fast Track
  • News from El Salvador
  • El Salvador Watch
  • Current Issue
  • Spring 2001, #94
  • Supressed USAID Report on Sweatshops in El Salvador

  • Birth of Austin Cispes

    2001 saw the exciting birth of a new CISPES group in Austin, Texas. In March we organized an earthquake relief benefit, and have worked on building cross-border solidarity with the people of El Salvador. We join the national office of CISPES in opposing the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and a congressional grant of "Fast Track" authority to former governor George Bush to negotiate FTAA.

    Upcoming El Salvador Events

  • Sunday, May 19, 7:00 p.m. Screening of "EL Salvador: NOT FOR SALE",
    a dynamic video about the social, political, and economic struggles in modern El Salvador. After the video members of Austin CISPES discuss recent developements in the country and how we can aid thier struggle.... Hope to see you there....
    Place: MonkeyWrench books, 110 E North Loop, (at Avenue F, see

  • 2002 Delegation to El Salvador

    A delegation to El Salvador is being planned for this summer. If you are interested, please contact us.

    July 2001 Delegation to El Salvador

    Austin CISPES is proud and honored to have represented Texas July 10 -19, 2001, on a CISPES delegation to El Salvador along with members of other committees across the U.S. Three members of our committee--Doug, Ann, and Hank-- participated in this exciting delegation jam-packed with events such as a meeting with the U.S. embassy, coordinating meetings with unions, organizers and FMLN representatives, and following the delegation participating in an international solidarity conference in San Salvador in opposition to Plan Colombia, the US sponsored "drug"/counter-insurgency war being waged in South America.

    2001 was an extremely important year for international solidarity with El Salvador. With devastating earthquakes leveling much or the country and the march of neo-liberalism--as seen in the dollarization of the Salvadoran economy and with the highly-problematic "Free Trade Area of the Americas" (FTAA)--threatening to institutionalize the loss of Latin American sovereignty, dependence, and transnational corporate power, NOW IS OUR TIME TO ORGANIZE AND TO ACT.

    Wall Murals from the University of El Salvador

    (500-650 KB each):
  • 500 Years of Resistance
  • Chained Peasant
  • The Hope of Peace
  • Globalization Poem
  • Transition to Peace
  • Zapatistas

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