[Last update: 14 January 2003]

What If?

by Damian McCarthy

What is this thing
this thing we call war?
What do we make of it,
what is it for?

Can we form an opinion?
can we find solid ground?
can we beat the same drum?
and sound the same sound.

Does war enter our thoughts
while we're alone by ourselves?
Do we think,analyse?
or leave it up on the shelf-

Waiting to fall,
to fall on our heads
as we lie, safe and warm
asleep in our beds.

Wake up! will you please
my friends in this room.
This needn't be a tale
of sadness and gloom.

But of power and freedom
opinion and right
of intelligent interpretation
not political shite.

We've all come together
through a common theme.
We love living life
and we love being being.

So is it just me
am I going mad?
But this war with Iraq
does it feel really bad?

To you, and you
To you and you.
We know whats going down
and we've checked out this coup.

And lets face it,
whether we're hypocritical christians,
fanatical muslims, peace loving krauts or arraogant yids
whatever we do we leave to our kids

And I want my son
to think his dads sound
a fool to no-one
and prepared to stand ground

For not just what he believes in,
but what he feels to be right....
Could they ever be wrong?
Will we always sit tight?

As it falls out of sight
in a political blur
to appear later on
as a wrong bloody war.

So come know my friends
and lets make a pact.
For the sake of our future
lets agree that we'll act.

Not as courageous martyrs
who leave but their souls
but as a movement of people
pursuing like-minded goals.

To be shared amongst all
not bartered or sold
Lets do it ok
coz soon we'll be old.

And what could be worse
when we're waiting for death
to say to ourselves
'If only-

Damian McCarthy Sept 2002.

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