[Last update: 10 January 2003]

Trips and Foreign Delegations

  • Labor and Globalization Activists Delegation to Colombia January 15-27, 2003
    On this delegation:
  • Learn about the sociopolitical and economic roots of the conflict in Colombia
  • Find out more about the growing civil society's efforst for peace with justice
  • Hear testimonies of displaced people and others directly affected by the conflict
  • Travel to areas outside of Bogota to see first-hand the impact of US military assistance
  • Talk with union organizers about the violence they face
  • Talk with health and education workers
  • We will return home to share what we have seen and heard with the media, Congress, and our communities
  • Applications due by November 1, 2002, with a $100 deposit. Balance due by December 2, 2002.
    Cost: expected to be $1400 plus airfare. This includes all meals accomodations, facilitation, translation, and transporation while in Colombia. Fee also covers briefing materials and extensive training. Fundraising tips will be provided.
    Financial Assistance: Scholoarship funds are limited but fundraising consultation is available. For application and more info contact:
    Gail Phares
    Witness for Peace Southeast
    1105 Sapling Place
    Raleigh, NC 27615
    Tel: (919) 856-9468
    Sandra Alvarez
    Global Exchange
    2017 Mission St. #303
    San Francisco, CA 94110
    Tel: (415) 575-5534, Fax: (415) 255-7498

  • March 2-9, 2003 Women's Solidarity Delegation to Chiapas
    Sponsored by the Mexico Solidarity Network
    Information: (415) 621-8100 or msn@mexicosolidarity.org

    The Mexico Solidarity Network invites you to join a women's delegation to Chiapas from March 2-9. This delegation will examine the leadership role that women play in the movement for social and economic justice and will support our sisters in Chiapas in their actions on International Women's day March 8. While the delegation will focus on women's issues, it is open to women, men and transgender.

    Tentative Schedule:

    March 2: Travel to San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. Evening orientation and reflection.
    March 3-4: Meetings with members of women's organizations, human rights organizations, environmental groups, and economic and political analysts. Background orientation on the current situation in Chiapas.
    March 5-7: Travel to threatened autonomous Zapatista communities. Meetings with members of women's cooperatives. Debriefing/reflection. March 8: Participate in International Women's Day actions with indigenous women. Evening strategizing with delegation participants.
    March 9: Depart for home. The cost of the delegation is $450, covering ground transportation within Chiapas, meals in the communities, hotels, translation, background materials, and program. Delegates are responsible for their own travel arrangements to Chiapas. Most delegates will fly to Mexico City, then either catch a public bus (about $160 round trip to San Cristobal) or a connecting flight to Tuxtla Gutierrez (about $275 round trip). Those who fly to Tuxtla will be provided ground transportation to San Cristobal. We encourage you to use our travel agent for plane reservations: Scott at 800.328.1332.

  • March 8-19 CISPES Elections Delegation
    The upcoming delegation, Stopping Free Trade: In the Streets and at the Polls!, is an elections delegation from March 8-19, 2003. The itinerary is currently being developed. At a minimum, you will:
  • Observe El Salvador's elections process as an accredited international election observer
  • Meet with FMLN (Left opposition party) members and visit FMLN-governed municipalities
  • See examples of alternative models of development that put people, not profits, at the center
  • Learn about free trade agreements increase poverty for the majority while making a few rich
  • Accompany the Salvadoran social and labor movement in their struggle against privatization
  • Meet with union organizers and discuss building cross-border resistance to neoliberalism
  • Meet with representatives from the women's movement
  • Help build global solidarity and the campaign to stop CAFTA and the FTAA!
  • Have fun!
  • The objectives of the delegation are:

  • Accompany the Salvadoran people to ensure accessible, free, and fair elections by observing the March 16 legislative and municipal elections as accredited international elections observers.
  • Accompany the Salvadoran social movement, labor movement, and the FMLN in their campaign to stop corporate globalization, CAFTA, and privatization, and to implement an alternative, people-centered economic model.
  • Provide direct financial support for grassroots organizing efforts in El Salvador.
  • Deepen our understanding of corporate globalization, free trade agreements, and the alternatives being put forward in El Salvador.
  • The approximate cost of the delegation: Airfare ($400 - $700), $150 Administrative Fee, $550 In-country costs (meals, housing, election observer training, translation, local transportation, etc), and material aid to directly support grassroots organizing: ($300 - $500). Fundraising support is available!


  • Contact CISPES immediately: Call your local CISPES office or the National Office at (212) 465-8115, cispes@cispes.org.
  • Complete the application as soon as possible and mail or email it to the CISPES National Office (See application for addresses) The application deadline is February 10, 2003.
  • Upon acceptance into the delegation, secure your spot by sending in your $150 Administrative Fee to the CISPES National Office
  • Be sure you have a valid passport
  • Make travel arrangements (plan to arrive in El Salvador on March 8 and leave on the 19th)
  • Begin fundraising (your local CISPES chapter/the National Office can provide advice and support)
  • We will send you confirmation of acceptance or non-acceptance to the delegation within two weeks of application receipt. Following your acceptance into the delegation, an Administrative Fee of $150 is required to guarantee your spot on the delegation. Space is limited. Upon acceptance, we will also send you a waiver form and an orientation packet, which includes an analysis of the organizing conditions in El Salvador, information about the elections process and a description of thepolitical parties, security guidelines, travel preparation tips, and other important information.

  • Solidarity Trip to El Salvador Summer 2003
    Swim in the ocean. Hike a volcano. Hang out with Salvadoran youth as we explore their day-to-day struggles. Learn what they are doing to work towards a more just El Salvador. And explore how we can build relationships for social change.
    Sponsored by SHARE www.share-elsalvador.org Contact: Iris Paredes, iris@share-elsalvador.org (415) 239-2595

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