[Last update: 5 September 2002]

Statement to Congress Opposing Going to War with Iraq

by Rep. Lloyd Doggett

[September 4, 2002]

Mr. Speaker, overshadowing all of our hopes and dreams for our families and for our country is the daily talk of war. This Administration's apparent intent to launch a "go it alone" invasion of another country is unprecedented in American history; it is unprecedented in ignoring the warnings of military experts, unprecedented in rejecting the advice of our allies and, most importantly, unprecedented in the dangers posed for the safety of American families everywhere.

At one time "regime change" was the now abandoned goal of our foreign policy toward an island 90 miles off our shores. Immediate success is even less certain for a regime on the other side of the world through a means uniformly rejected at present by the countries of the region. Of course, Saddam Hussein is a menace, as was Libya's Muammar Qaddafi, as was Josef Stalin. But able policymakers of both parties found ways to contain such threats without starting what could become another world war.

Mr. President, unite our country and the world to eliminate weapons of mass destruction; do not divide us by making war the first instrument of your foreign policy.

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