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Emily Force on Racist Reactions

We don't know who the terrorists are, yet. When we do know--and I so strongly do hope we end up knowing, for sure, who all of them are--we'll be justified in bringing them to justice. Until then, there can be no more anti-American sentiment than to generalize the actions of terrorists to everyone we *guess* may come from the same religion, country, continent, or culture.

As I heard a child psychologist say in an interview yesterday, as we can explain to children, "People who do not know us hated us and decided to kill us." Please, please be careful that we do not start hating people we do not know, lest we become terrorists ourselves.

There have already been acts of terror committed by Americans against Arab Americans and Muslim Americans--and even against Sikh Americans, just because their turbans look too much like Osama bin Laden's to some people.

This potential for becoming terrorists ourselves is a very real danger, but one we can do something about. I am incredibly frustrated that I can't go to Manhattan and bring back the dead, or help wash off the streets, or stop the jets before they ever took off, or SOMETHING; I'll bet most of you feel the same way. Trying to identify and stop prejudice (starting with my own) is, really, the best SOMETHING I know.

Emily Force

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