[Last update: 27 August 2004]

Foreign News Sources

[Sites are in English unless otherwise noted]

Latin America and the Caribbean

  • La Jornada - from Mexico, "the best newspaper in Latin America for lefties who read Spanish"
  • www.ezln.org - the direct way to hear from the zapatistas (Spanish) (Babble Fish "translation" to English)
  • Venezuelanalysis.com - an excellent source of news and commentary on Venezuela, in English
  • Aporrea - an even better source on Venezuela, in Spanish (English version under construction)
  • Haiti Progres - one of the few good progressive sources of news from Haiti, with versions in Creole, French and English

    Middle East

  • al Arabia (in Arabic)
  • al Jazeera
  • Electronic Iraq
  • Haaretz (Israel)


  • BBC News
  • Guardian (London)
  • Independent (UK)
  • Irish Independent
  • Le Figaro (France) (Babble Fish "translation" to English)
  • Le Monde (France) (Babble Fish "translation" to English)


  • Dawn (Pakistan)
  • The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
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