[Last update: 18 September 2001]

Response to Call for Violence

by douglas foxvog
We disagree about pacifistic or violent responses being the better choice against violent Islamic fundamentalists who want to kill us.

Please note that Islamic fundamentalists make up a small percentage of Muslims, violent Islamic fundamentalists make up a small percentage of Islamic fundamentalists, and Islamic fundamentalists who would target civilians are a small percentage of violent Islamic fundamentalists.

A military attack on this small class of terrorists would kill vastly more people who would not wish any harm to US civilians. The reaction to such attacks would be raise the level of hatred by Muslims around the world against the US.

Osama bin Laden has a strategy of instigating a war between the US and Muslim countries. He (probably correctly) feels that a US attack on a Muslim country would cause a significant backlash against the US and win more people to his cause.

If we respond militarily, we are responding in exactly the way the terrorists want. Why should George Bush play into the terrorist's hands? Why should the US public allow him to do what the terrorists want him to do?

The time for pacifistic sentiments will come when either we or they are sufficiently defeated and unable to continue. Until then, men, women and children will be killed if we mount effective military responses, as difficult as that will be.

Why should we kill civilians to prove that killing civilians is wrong? Such a response would be totally hypocritical.

We should also employ the full range of cultural conflict, diplomatic, economic, religious, propaganda, etc.

We should employ some of these things, and do so carefully. We must figure out how to employ them against a small group of terrorists without harming those innocent of these crimes.

We should attack the culture of terrorism. Part of this attack should be a public apology of the terroristic acts engaged in and supported by our government throughout the years, and a disavowal of any further use of or support for terrorism.

We should use diplomacy, not ultimatums.

We should root out economic assets of those responsible for these acts and freeze or seize such assets.

We should not try to encourage religious conflict, but we should encourage Islamic leaders of all branches of Islam to emphasize to their followers the Koranic prohibitions of attacks on civilians, women, and children and of suicide.

Our propaganda must be propaganda of love, not hate. We should stick to the truth.

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