[Last update: 2 April 2003]

Letters from Iraqi Teens to the US

  • Hello
    My name is Haider H. Al-HAssani. I am 17 years old. I would like to tell you that I'm very sad and very startled because I don't know what my life will be, I don't know will I live? or not? and what will the American trhow on us? I'm sure very sure that you'll understand me because you also suffered the problems of wars.I'm afraid that they will do to us like they did to you in Hiroshima or Nagasaki. All the world must stand against USA not just the people but also the governments to prevent the war. I hope that we all live in peace and I hope to visit your country because I love it so much and I found that you are the most intelligent people so I'd like to study in your country.

    My hobbies are swimming and chatting with other people by e-mail!

  • Peace message
    My name is Mohanad Ali. I am 17 years old. This situation America is wrong to war to Iraq because they have not problem that USA stop to destroy the world and make them feel sad and misereable to worlds life that they live in my country, Iraq is very good people and the not like any war because they were very kind people and very simple people. they dream to live under peace without war. I hope to be a doctor to solve my country, Iraq and solve children who has pain. my hobby is to live happy without war, without destruction. I call people in the world to stand and say to Bush not war yes PEACE.

  • Hello, my neme is Mustafa Hassan. I'm seventeen years old. I'm very happy because I can express my feeling to the world in this message. I feel very sad because USA and another countries tend to attack Iraq and I hope it never happen. I think the soulution of this problem is that ecery one outside the Iraq help us and declare their feeling about the war about the terror about every thing is bad. The people in Iraq lives in peace and don't like war. They want live in peace. They dream and so am I in peace but I love travelling to many countries and see the world. My hobby is playing football. that's about my hobby. in the end. I'd like to say to all over the world's people that we're love peace and want live in peace.

  • Hello, my name is Abbas Kubb, and my Nick name is Abbas, I'm 17years ole. I feel gery sad and this attack very wrong way. the situation of this problem is people of the world must standing the USA wars. I think my country is very strong agianst the enemy. my dream we live in peace fully and I will marry who I love and become doctor in the future. my hobby is the swimming and fighting Kyoku Shinkai. I say to the world "No war for Oil!"

  • My name is Ali. I am 17 years old, I'm in the scientific stage. My nick name (Fortune) all my friend called me (Fortune)so... you want me to write to all over the world about our case is so important for all of the human being! As I see the situation is that the American want to attack the Iraqi people for two reasons, first one they want to protect the Zionist or cause the Iraqi government makes them scared in 1991, the second reason is (the oil) which is the most important thing for this time, and about the solution I can't find a solution for our case the Arab country supplied the American and we should first, find a solution with the Arab country them we will think of the American's Attack which is mean so much for us and we want to say to all of the world, we don't have the power but we have the power of our hearts and I think it's enough and thank you.

  • Hello, my name is SAAD and my Nick name is Al-Kaisy. I am 17 years odd. I don't afraid of attack of USA because we have good leader to led us to the victory and peace and I love our leader "Saddam Hussein". I think that the Arab home land must be united to defend USA and flag of Iraq and the flag of Arab home land. What is more, my country, Iraq, is very strong and it very nice and it will be save by god. I wish I will be become soldier to defend my country or I will become a scientist to visit Japan to see the technology and to publish the peace over world. My hobby is working in computer. I said to world's people "I want from them to stand against USA and publish peace over world"

  • A Peace Message
    My name is Ali Adil. I am nineteen years old . I am student in the scientific stage. Usually my friends call me "Figo" just like the famous Portuguese soccer player. Me as other Iraqi people we are kind and peaceful, we hate war and destruction. So we don't have anything with any country, we love and respect all the people of the Earth. I think that main reason that is USA tend to attack Iraq is "Oil'.America want to control the oil of all the country.I think the solution of this situation is to defend this attack. About my future, I'd like to be an engineer. About my hobby, I love playing football and my favorite team is "Italy" and my favorite soccer club is "Lazio". And finally I want to say to the all friends boys and girls that we are small country but certainly has a big heart!

  • My name is Ali Azzam al-Bayati. My age is 17 years old. My major is scientific. I don't want the USA to attack Iraq. The solution of this situation is the peace all over the world. I love my country and I cannot understand how will America will hit him with her weapons. I want to be a computer engineering. My hobbies is swimming and computer and training. I say to the people all over the world we want peace and the situation in Iraq is not good.

  • Hello. My name is Khalid Azzabaidy, I am seventeen years old. I am sad about this situation that the wild USA want to attack Iraq. The Iraq is honesty and wisdom. The USA know that we don't have any Nucleus weapons, but USA want to destroy Iraq. I think the solution (I mean my opinion) is to stop war on our country and respect herself and not to be a terrorist. I think my country is able to defend on his self. My dream in the future is to full Iraqis faces in happiness. My hobby is swimming, computer, and football. My response to all over the world that we're not so scare from American army and nucleus. Thanks.

  • Peace Message

    my name is Hassan Hassir. I am 17 years old. I am very happy for your visit to Iraqi people. I think that USA want to take not only our oil and our dreams even and our lough. I think that USA must go away from Iraq because she is lying. I'd like to live like all the boys all over the world… are this so much? I like football playing and watching.

    People must stand with Iraq to fight the enemy and we thank the people of the Japan and the people of the world of their support and for their kindness. I'm sorry I can't speak any more because my English is poor.

    With my best wishes
    Your friend, Hassan

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