[Last update: 4 December 2004]

Photos of Iraqis and Casualties of War on Iraq

Photo albums of Fallujans and other Iraqis

Falluja picture blog

Report from Baghdad hospital by Robert Fisk (23 March 2003)

Everyday People of Iraq

Scenes from Iraq, including casualties

Shock and Awe Slide show [Reworked]


  • US soldier
  • Iraqi girl
  • Two US Soldiers
  • A child in Baghdad after a USA guided missile lands on his home

  • US soldier
  • Iraqi Boy (view 2)
  • Detatched Head
  • Iraqi Man in Rubble
  • Iraqi Man
  • Iraqi Man
  • Iraqi Man
  • Iraqi Man
  • Iraqi Man


  • Iraqi boy

  • Iraqi Teenaged Girl after the first night of bombing
  • Iraqi Man
  • Iraqi boy holding to life after bombs blew up his entire neighborhood
  • Iraqi Man
  • Iraqi Baby Boy
  • Iraqi Boy
  • Iraqi Girl
  • Iraqi Man

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