[Last update: 29 November 2002]

Ithaca NY City Council Resolution Against the War

October 2002

Whereas President Bush is asking the US Senate and House of Representatives to authorize a preemptive war on Iraq;

Whereas, based on current information, no proven linkage has been made between the horrific terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 and the government of Iraq;

Whereas many knowledgeable individualshave disputed the President's claim that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction that could be a danger to the United States;

Whereas the US needs the moral and strategic support of France, Russia, China, the Arab States and other states to eradicate terrorism;

Whereas this support would be undermined by our unilateral action;

Whereas diplomatic solutions have not been exhausted and the international community has not lent its support for war against Iraq;

Whereas a war with Iraq will jeopardize the lives of American soldiers and will kill many innocent Iraqi civilians, who have already suffered enormously under Saddam Hussein's rule and United Nations sanctions;

Whereas a war with Iraq would threaten to further destabilize the Middle East, possibly leading to wider, regional war and increased support for al Qaeda and other groups dedicated to terrorism, endangering the citizens of the United States and its allies;

Whereas a war will cost billions of dollars and could stall the US economy, prolonging and deepening the current recession, now therefore be it

Resolved that, absent new evidence or events that dramatically change the present situation, the Common Council urges the city's representatives in Congress (Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator Charles Schumer, and Congressman Maurice Hinchey) to vote against any resolution in Congress that would allow the President to declare war on Iraq and to support a UN resolution that seeks a diplomatic solution that allows UN inspectors to return to Iraq and to complete inspections under UN Security Council Resolution 687.

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