[Last update: 12 September 2002]

Not in New York, Not in Afghanistan, Not in Iraq

by Jim Foxvog
(11 September 2002)

We are here today to remember those who lost their lives a year ago. That was a tragic and sad event. So many families lost loved ones. People lost sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters in New York and in Virginia. This should never happen in New York. This should never happen in Virginia. This should never happen in the United States. This should never happen in Afghanistan. This should never happen in Iraq.

Let us learn a lesson never to forget from this offense. Let us take the horror of violence to heart. Let us stand against violence everywhere.

Planes should not be used to destroy people by crashing them into buildings or dropping bombs on people - not in New York, not in Afghanistan, not in Iraq. We have learned how horrible the results are.

We are standing against great evil. We should battle this evil with all our might. But we need to listen to God's truth from the Bible. We are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against hosts of wickedness in high places. Our weapons are not carnal, our weapons are not physical. Our weapons are the powerful spiritual weapons that God gives us. Our weapons are prayer, faith, righteousness and the word of God.

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