[Last update: 6 February 2004]

Progressive Activist Email List Servers for Austin, TX

  • SUBSCRIBE to the weekly Austin Peace and Justice Coalition (APJC) Community Calendar.

  • SUBSCRIBE to Austin's "No-War" activist events calendar. This is issued 1-3 times a week informing you of anti-war and other progressive political events around Austin.
    In the message write:
    subscribe nowar [your email address]

  • SUBSCRIBE to the AustinAgainst War announcement list with a blank email

  • SUBSCRIBE to the ADC Iraq Task Force email list. with a blank subject line and "subscribe adc-itf" (without quotes) as the body of the letter. You will get informative emails about US intervention against Iraq and Yugoslavia

  • SUBSCRIBE to the Travis County Green Party email list.
  • Send a blank email.
  • Make sure you are sending your message from the exact email address with which you wish to subscribe to the list. Leave the body and subject of the message totally blank.
  • Send your email and within a few minutes you'll receive a verification message indicating that you've been subscribed to the list.
  • Sign up to receive progessive updates from the national Green Party

  • To receive editions of Citizen Works' Corporate Reform Reporter, sign up by visiting CitizenWorks' home page and selecting, "join our list".

  • sign up for NARAL's Choice Action Network
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