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Information Resources Concerning Iraq

For national news and events see Iraq Action Coalition

  • General Resources
  • Voices in the Wilderness
  • Fellowship of Reconciliation
  • Campaign to Save a Generation (Iraq)
  • Iraq Action Digest
  • The FOR Campaign to Save a Generation Organizing Packet contains articles, suggestions for action, sample letters, and fact sheets about the Iraq crisis. Order one by email, call them at (914) 358-4601, or mail in your request to the FOR National Office.
    	The Fellowship of Reconciliation
    	P.O. Box 271
    	Nyack, NY 10960 
    FOR suggest a $1 donation to help with printing and shipping fees.
  • Iraq Action Coalition
  • New Internationalist issue on Iraqi sanctions
  • Peace Action
  • al-Moharer
  • Mideast Watch [scholarly]
  • Citizens Concerned for the People of Iraq
  • Iraq Resource Infomation Site (IRIS) [requires JavaScript]
  • Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (CASI) -- UK

      CASI [Overview site]

  • Americans Against Bombing
  • Iraqi site
  • Iraqi mission to the UN -- official site
  • The Iraq Foundation
  • epic (Education for Peace in Iraq Center) [about lobbying Congress]
  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer special report on Iraq with photo gallery
  • Chronicle photos on "Iraq Today"
  • Artwork about Iraq
  • Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) report on Iraq
  • IRAQ: Critical Condition
  • Antiwar.com
  • Iraq Crisis Antiwar Web Page [links to lots of articles] (from Germany)
  • International Action Center
  • Fourth Freedom Forum
  • Out There News
  • Quotes

  • Books and Videos
  • Iraq Under Siege:The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War Edited by Anthony Arnove, with photographs by Austin photojournalist Alan Pogue, published by South End Press

  • http://www.iacenter.org/irgen.jpg (26333 bytes)Excerpts from the new book: Challenge to Genocide: Let Iraq Live

    Order Challenge to Genocide: Let Iraq Live

    Order its Companion Video: Let Iraq Live


  • http://www.iacenter.org/IRAQMOM.JPG (6495 bytes) Award Winning Video: Genocide by Sanctions

    http://www.iacenter.org/chbook.gif (22217 bytes) The Children are Dying: The Impact of Sanction on Iraq--excerpts from the book, including the full text of the FAO Report: Evaluation of Food and Nutrition Situation in Iraq

    The Children are Dying: Companion Video

    Order the Book/Video --Updated Edition of book (1998)



  • Silent Weapon: The Embargo Against Iraq "A documentary film from the Institute for Development Training on behalf of The Compassion Iraq Coalition"
    	Institute for Development Training
    	RFD 1, Box 267 B
    	Route 230
    	Trenton, ME 04605
    	(207) 667-7231
    	(207) 667-9041 fax

    Video & Informational Booklet on Iraq - especially suitable for Christian Faith Communities. Help distribute this video to churches. [1/2" VHS, 26 min., available NOW, $19.95 incl. video, discussion guide, & shipping]

  • Speakers
  • End the Sanctions War on Iraq -- Speaker Resource List
  • Articles
  • Voices in the Wilderness on the VX controversy
  • A list of statements by organizations and individuals against intervention in Iraq.
  • An interview in the Texas Monthly of Denis Halliday, former U.N. Assistant Secretary General and Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq and Phyllis Bennis, of the Institute for Policy Studies, on the conditions in Iraq.
  • Photos of Iraq by Austin's photojournalist, Alan Pogue.
  • The 1,000,000 postcard campaign urging President Clinton to lift the sanctions on Iraq.
  • An article by Richard Becker entitled Is the U.S. Attempting to Dismember Iraq?
  • A letter to President Clinton opposing a military attack on Yugoslavia
  • Some reasons the US should not bomb Yugoslavia
  • American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) statement deploring the January 1999 US military action against Iraq
  • Pax Christi USA statement denouncing the January 1999 US Bombing of Iraq
  • American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee statement opposing the January 1999 attack on Iraq.
  • An article in the February 18-24, 1999 Fairfield Weekly on the effects of sanctions on Iraq
  • A letter from Senator Paul Wellstone to a constituent concerning sanctions against Iraq.
  • A recent report from Iraq
  • The Situation Analysis of Children and Women in Iraq, available from UNICEF as a series of PDF files (uses Adobe Acrobat):
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 (113 kB)
  • Chapter 2a (369 kB)
  • Chapter 2b (1015 kB)
  • Chapter 3 (248 kB)
  • Chapter 4 (44 kB)
  • An article showing that inspections are just a game by James Petras in the January 1999 issue of Z magazine [reprinted with permission]
  • An article on the real reasons for the latest US attack on Iraq by Michael Albert in the January 1999 issue of Z magazine
  • An analysis, After the Bombing, What is Next? of the aftermath of the Christmas bombings of Iraq.
  • A letter to the editior of the Austin American-Statesman
  • Mark Twain's War Prayer
  • Costs to the US of activities against Iraq
  • Contact organizations opposed to an attack on Iraq
  • Order the New Video: Genocide by Sanctions and organize showings
  • Ramsey Clark has sent a letter to the United Nations opposing any attack by the US on Iraq.
  • Nonmilitary Options for Youth is an Austin group that presents local youth with opportunities to do something with their lives other than entering the military.
  • A statement opposing a US attack on Iraq
  • Leaflet, Why We Are Opposing the US/UN Sanctions on Iraq"
  • Find out where Iraq obtained biological weapons materials.
  • Read about the Iraq Sanctions Challenge
  • The text of the Memorandum of Understanding between the United Nations and the Republic of Iraq
  • An article from The Times of India on UNSCOM
  • A short statement explaining why the US should not attack Iraq.
  • Debunk false claims by the administration in its arguments for an attack on Iraq.
  • A fact sheet on effects of Iraqi Sanctions
  • Read Ramsey Clark's Initial Complaint on United States War Crimes Against Iraq
  • Another person's arguments against a US attack on Iraq
  • A fable for our times
  • Reuters published some standard criticisms of the impending attack on Iraq.
  • Talking points from Pax Christi USA
  • 54 Catholic bishops in the US have sent a public letter to President Clinton asking sanctions on Iraq to be lifted.
  • A peace camp has been set up by US peace activists in Baghdad outside UN Headquarters.
  • Ramsey Clark's letter to Kofi Annan against threats against Iraq
  • An article on US nuclear bombing plans in Iraq
  • An examination of chants and protest signs is under construction.
  • IAC's Chants for Anti-War Demonstrations
  • A 24 hour Austin antiwar hotline with voice-mail has been set up at (512) 374-4738. The upcoming events and the latest developments will be provided on the message. You may also leave a message on the system.
  • There is now an Austin area anti-war activities mailing list, to which you can subscribe by sending the message, "subscribe nowar" to the address majordomo@tao.ca. The list is used solely for coordinating and distributing information about Austin area anti-war activities. It may be inactive during University of Texas summer vacation, so long as the threat of war remains low.
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