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[last updated 10 May 1999]

Kosovo Resources on the Web

  • Stratfor's comprehensive Kosovo Updates
    Latest news on the war against Yugoslavia

  • A letter to President Clinton

  • Analytical Articles about Kosovo, Yugoslavia, and the War

  • News articles on the situation in Kosovo

  • General Resources on Kosovo

  • Media in the Balkins and about the Balkins

  • Political parties of Yugoslavia:

  • Government sites about Kosovo

  • International body sites about Kosovo

  • Nongovernmental Organization sites about Kosovo

  • A list of organizations that help refugees in Kosovo or send significant shipment of aid to the refugees.

  • Maps of Kosovo, Yugoslavia, and the Balkans

  • Serbia sites:
  • Beograd.com for Yugoslavia
    Supports Yugoslavia against NATO
  • Civic Alliance of Serbia
    Civic Alliance of Serbia from Beograd.com
  • Serbia Info News
    Posts politics, economy and culture from the Ministry of Information
  • Camera at the University of Belgrade (Beograd) -- you need to hit reload to update the image. (Not much going on here.)
  • Weather in Belgrade (Vremenska Prognoza za Beograd)
  • Kosovo sites:
  • Kosova Crisis Center
    Posts information about refugees and possible aid
  • "Kosovo Liberation Peace Movement" (actually Kosovo Liberation Army)
  • Kosovo.com
    Provides space for posting comments about the crisis in Kosovo
  • Kosovo.net
    Posts history, religion, current news and information about the Kosovo province
  • Kosovo Road Map Online
    Includes news, information and a large detailed map of the Kosovo province
  • Media Centar of Pristina
    Posts general information daily news, analysis and press conference information
  • Montenegro sites:
  • Antena M
    Dedicated to an independent radio network of Montenegro
  • Kosovo and Metohia
    Information on Kosovo and Metohia from the Republic of Yugoslavia site
  • Montenegro.com
    Posts news, information and links related to state of Montenegro
  • Montenegro.org
    Lists information on geography, history, religion and culture of Montenegro
  • MontNet
    Relates topics on politics, history, people, economy and travel of Montenegro
  • Albania sites:
  • Albania - Land of the Eagles
    Includes information, news, travel and business about Albania
  • Democratic Party of Albania
    Official site of the Democratic Party of Albania
  • Newsgroups
  • soc.culture.yugoslavia
  • IRC (internet relay chat) rooms reportedly active include:
  • #serbia
  • #beograd
  • #vojvodina
  • #kosovo
  • #novisad
  • Java-based chat to access irc.cg.yu, channel #beograd, from beograd.com.
  • List servers (to get on an email list)
  • Subscribe to a Yugolavia issues mailing list by going to the bottom of the Coollist page and, where it says Subscribe to a Coollist mailing list: entering < yugoslavia-discuss > in the "List Name" box and entering your email address in the "Your Email" box
  • Send a message of subscribe kosovo to the USIA for US press releases on Kosovo
  • The Libertarian Party : calls for an end to the attack against Yugoslavia
  • Congressman Ron Paul's statement to his constituents
  • Vietnam Veterans Against War and Imperialism statement against intervention in Kosovo
  • A flier for demonstrations opposing the war against Yugoslavia.
  • Statements by some Senators against going to war with Yugoslavia.
  • War Resister's International statement on Kosovo.

  • E-mail from Kosovo
  • http://www.npr.org/programs/morning/kosovo-emails.html

  • Sets of Kosovo Web Links at other sites (many incorporated in this site, but additions to the web may appear in these first)

  • doug foxvog