[Last update: 21 March 2003]

National Organization for Women Statement

by NOW President Kim Gandy

(20 March 2003)

As the Bush Administration wages war against Saddam Hussein, our hearts and thoughts go out to all those who will suffer as a result of this attack. Bush's tunnel vision is jeopardizing the women and men serving in the U.S. military and millions of lives in Iraq, where more than half of the population is children.

Bush wants us to believe that the U.S. is united for war, but many millions are united for peace here and around the world. In defiance of the U.N., Bush is acting as a renegade, arm-twisting our allies and disregarding international law. How can we aspire to advance democracy around the world if we can't practice it here at home?

We may never know the true devastation of Bush's war on Iraq due to the Administration's stranglehold on the U.S. media. Television news is helping the Bush Administration obscure the carnage with bloodless video game-like simulations of military strikes. The most horrific consequences of this war will not be covered on the nightly news.

The reality is that many lives will be lost, and an already-ravaged country will be further destroyed. Bush's reckless mission has also endangered the safety and stability of the U.S. and the world.

NOW calls for the Bush Administration to end this unprovoked attack immediately and to help restore the democratic principles he has undermined. We also call on international leaders to join in working toward peace and human rights around the world. As the drumbeat to stand behind Bush in a time of war grows louder every day, it is more important than ever to raise our voices for peace.

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