[Last update: 9 December 2003]

Press Release Template

For Immediate Release   Main Contact Person (512) 000-0000
10 December 2003      Second Contact Person (512) 111-1111
Headline Includes Most Important Info
May Be up to Four Lines Long
Subhead May be Used
Use a Large Font

Spend 75% of your time writing the headline and first paragraph. Keep sentences and paragraphs short. Use no more than three sentences per paragraph.

Use the inverted pyramid style of writing, making your most important points first and working your way down. Most reporters will only look at the head line and first paragraph or two unless they see a need to read further.

"Use a colorful and pithy quote in the second or third paragraph," the activist said.

Mention "Photo opportunity" if there is one. Send a copy to the photo desk of each print publication being contacted in this case.

Jounalists expect "###" at end of news release and "MORE" as final line of page if multi-page release. Strive for a single page.

Include a short summary of your organization in your final paragraph.



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