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Israel Continues to Increase Violence Against Palestinians in the Wake of the American Tragedy

16 September 2001

The latest actions of Arial Sharon and the Israeli government and military are horrendous. Since the tragic bombing in America on September 11, the Israel military has killed at least 21 Palestinians and injured hundreds.

The Israeli army has entered Palestinian controlled areas, which constitute mere 18% of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, on more than 16 occasions with helicopters and tanks, firing missiles and shells on a predominantly civilian population.

Sharon is using the lack of media and international attention on the region to intensify a sustained and underhanded campaign to destroy Palestinian lives and infrastructure. Jenin, Jericho, Gaza, Ramallah, Qalqiliya have all come under sustained attack in the past days; so many lives are being lost and destroyed.

This cynical abuse of the American tragedy has to be condemned and bought to a complete halt.

Last night the sound of gunfire, tank and helicopter shells were heard all over Ramallah as we were bombarded by the Israeli troops. There are no safe places to hide here, nor anywhere under the Palestinian Authority; no army exists to protect the civilian population, and now that all the roads out are closed there is no way to escape.

The current fear is that Israel is preparing itself to make a widespread attack invading and reoccupying all the Palestinian Territories, a move that will result in the deaths of many more Palestinians and Israelis.

Already 689 Palestinians have died in the last 11 months, do more have to die before it is realized that Arial Sharon is a liability?

This man has killed hundreds of Palestinians, killed the Oslo process and is killing the Oslo accords do not let him kill more people or the chance for any future peace in the Middle East.

For more information, contact Mustafa Barghouthi, 059-254-218, and check out the Palestine Monitor
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