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Global Conferences and Trainings

on issues related to human rights, social and environmental justice, peace and youth

  • Date: June 14-17, 2001
    Title: A World to Fight for a World to Win: Socialist Summer School 2001
    Location: CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA Description: Join hundreds of activists from around the US and the world from the labor movement, global justice movement, the Palestinian solidarity movement and many others to debate and discuss the vital issues facing all of our struggles. Nearly 100 discussions on today's struggles, the socialist tradition, political theory and much more.
    Sponsoring Organization: International Socialist Organization and Center for Economic Research and Social Change
    Contact & Info: summerschool2001@hotmail.com

  • Date: June 25-29, 2001
    Title: Human Rights Course
    Location: TALLINN, ESTONIA
    Description: For Estonian citizens only. The aim of this human rights course is to provide and strengthen the knowledge on international human rights law, standards and remedies. The one-week course offers a great opportunity to become familiar with human rights concepts and ideas. The target group is the representatives of NGO's active in the field of human rights, representatives of state institutions, lawyers and students. The number of participants is limited to 25 and the working language will be Russian. Application deadline: May 31st.
    Sponsoring Organization: Legal Information Centre for Human Rights
    Contact & Info: e-mail nadja@lichr.ee

  • Date: June 30-July 7, 2001
    Title: African Youth for a Culture of Peace
    Description: The work of the UNOY Foundation is grounded on the vision to empower local capacities for peace and a firm belief in the important and strategic role of young people in preventing and transforming conflicts non-violently. The "African Youth for a Culture of Peace" Conference will bring together committed and active young leaders, students, journalists and representatives of a wide variety of local, regional and international African organisations in view of sharing experiences and common concerns, planning projects, skill training and building an African Network of Young Peace-builders. Spaces limited for certain African countries - contact for more information.
    Sponsoring Organization: United Nations of Youth Foundation
    Contact & Info: For more information contact Juan Salgado

  • Date: July 11-14, 2001
    Title: Greenpeace Student Activist Training
    Location: WASHINGTON, DC
    Description: Join fellow Student leaders and activists in an exciting and intense atmosphere designed to develop organizing and campaigning skills essential to the success of the progressive movements. Participants will partake in workshops led by Greenpeace campaigners and action coordinators, focusing on the latest domestic and international developments concerning global warming, genetically engineered foods, dioxin, forests, industrial fishing and nuclear disarmament.
    Sponsoring Organization: Greenpeace USA

  • Date: July 31-August 5, 2001
    Title: Peacemaker Training Institute
    Location: NYACK, NEW YORK, USA
    Description: Training focuses on social justice & strategies for creating effective social change. Issue workshops focus on racism, economic inequality, and militarism, while skills workshops focus on organizing tools such as public speaking, conflict resolution, and the philosophy & strategy of nonviolence. Cost of the training is on a sliding scale of $50-150. Application deadline is June 29, 2001.
    Sponsoring Organization: Fellowship of Reconciliation
    Contact & Info: For application and information contact:
     P.O. Box 271
     Nyack, NY 10960
     email: pti@forusa.org

  • Date: August 15-19, 2001
    Title: Training of Trainers Workshop - Human Rights Education in the USA
    Description: Workshop topics include presentation and facilitation skills, workshop planning, and strategies for educating about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the rights of the child, women's human rights, social and economic rights, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender rights, indigenous peoples' rights, and freedom of religion or belief. Participants will review available resources, plan and make human rights presentations, and prepare a plan suitable for implementing human rights education with their chosen audiences. Application Deadline: June 1st
    Sponsoring Organization: Human Rights Resource Center - University of Minnesota
    Contact & Info: For more information, visit their web site or send an e-mail to: humanrts@tc.umn.edu

  • Date: August 27-September 25, 2001
    Title: 3rd Annual Workshop on Procedures of the African Regional Human Rights System
    Location: BANJUL, THE GAMBIA
    Description: The workshop will give participants practical, concrete knowledge of how to use African human rights treaties and enforcement mechanisms in their work. Specifically, the workshop will cover human rights bodies of the Organisation of African Unity: procedures of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights, and the upcoming African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights, as well as the African Committee on the Rights and Welfare of the Child. Participants will learn how to apply African human rights law at the national and international level.
    Sponsoring Organization: Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa
    Contact & Info: For application and information visit their web site.

  • Date: September 16-October 7, 2001
    Title: People's Diplomacy, Non-violence and Reconciliation
    Location: ROVERETO, ITALY
    Description: The three week course offers a great opportunity to become familiar with new concepts and ideas, to dialogue with peace and human rights activists from all over the world and to improve skills in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
    Sponsoring Organization: International University of Peoples' Institutions for Peace
    Contact & Info: price.iupip@unimondo.org

  • Date: October 26-28, 2001
    Title: GloCal Awareness Conference 2001
    Description: OVER 50 WORKSHOPS...on issues including...Death Penalty, GMO's, the AIDs crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa, Sanctions against Iraq, Prison Industrial Complex, Tibet, Animal Rights, Queer Rights, Campaign Finance Reform, Police Brutality, Burma & Human Rights, Global Warming, Women's Rights, and many others...and on tactics including...Lobbying Congress, Direct Action, Alternative Living, Public Speaking, Outreach, Independant Media, Guerrilla Theatre...
    Contact & Info: surgenc@yahoo.com

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