[Last update: 17 December 2002]

Resources on Venezuela: Coups and Movement to Overthrow Chavez

  • Coup D'Petrol in Venezuela by Gregory Wilpert (December 2002)
  • Don't Believe Everything You Read in the Papers about Venezuela by Greg Palast (17 April 2002)
  • La Jornada on Venezuela by Jim Cason and David Brooks (16 April 2002)
  • Venezuela: Not a Banana-Oil Republic after All by Gregory Wilpert
  • The Media, the CIA and the Coup" by Christopher Reilly
  • Chavez Comeback Exposes U.S. Government & Media Lies by D. Baatar, Jared Israel, Nestor Gorojovsky, & Nico Varkevisser (14 April 2002)
  • Venezuela: The Coup
  • Daily divulges role of CIA in Venezuela's coup (13 April 2002) by La Jornada (13 April 2002) [Translated by Josť Luna - Znet Espanol]
  • Imperial Coup in Venezuela by Heinz Dieterich Steffan La Haine (13 April 2002) [Translated by Jose Luna, ZNet Espanol]
  • Coup in Venezuela: An Eyewitness Account by Gregory Wilpert (12 April 2002)
  • An Imminent Coup in Venezuela? by Gregory Wilpert (10 April 2002)
  • Adios Presidente? Will Chavez Go the Way of Allende by Steven Dudley (April 2002 The Progressive)
  • Oil-Derado (8 March 2002) [warning of upcoming coup]

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