[Last update: 20 September 2001]

World-wide Hegemony?

George Bush is the commander-in-chief of the world's hyperpower and is taking full advantage of it.

After the end of the Cold War people breathed a sigh of relief with the end of a bipolar world that was risky for those who wished not to be involved in the struggle between the titans. But, according to George Bush, that happy time is over.

Not only did he say that "any nation that continues to support or harbor terrorists" will be regarded as hostile, but he announced to every nation in the world, "either you are with us or you are with the terrorists!"

This is laying a non-negotiable demand not only on one of the poorest countries on earth, it is laying a non-negotiable demand on EVERY other country on earth.

How does whoever wrote his speech think that other nations will take this? No nation likes to be ordered around. There are numerous countries where many people hate our government because of the massive suffering we have inflicted on them. It is asking alot of such countries to step aside and not oppose us when we take an action that angers their people. To gain such acquiescence takes careful diplomacy and quid pro quos. But to demand that they "be on our side" or else!? Even a country that is inclined to support us would loose face by publicly supporting the US position under such circumstances.

A weak government with a restive population could easily be toppled by a popular reaction that sees the leaders loose face by submitting to an unreasonable ultimatum imposed on the country due to no fault of its own.

The appropriate response to this call is for every country not currently an ally of the US to immediately embargo all trade with the United States. The arrogance of a country ordering the whole world around must be met with a strong response that will show the hyperpower that it cannot get away with it.

One can ask for friends, one cannot demand them.

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